Conf-IRM 2019
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Guidelines for Authors

The organizing committee invites you to submit your research, teaching cases and proposals for panels and tutorials to Conf-IRM 2019. All conference submissions will be double-blind peer-reviewed. The review process will be handled by the track chairs and program co-chairs. 

Paper Formatting Rules for Submission

Submission Types and Guidelines

Full- Length Submissions

Submissions must be no more than 12 pages, including references, appendices, and title page. All submissions must follow the submission template specifications. Submissions must be original and previously unpublished, conceptual or empirical research manuscripts. Papers that are highly rated by the reviewers will be considered for publications in selected journals. The paper that best represents, in terms of quality and suitability, the theme and ideas of the conference will be awarded the "Best Paper Award" during the conference.

Research-in-progress Submissions

Submissions must be no more than 7 pages. All research-in-progress submissions will be published in the proceedings as short papers.

Teaching Cases

We welcome submissions of teaching cases. The cases should be based on real situations and targeted at specific learning objectives. Cases should be no more than 12 pages and must be accompanied by instructor teaching notes (not included in the 12 pages). The teaching notes will not be published.

Panel, Workshop and Tutorial Submissions

Submissions must be no more than 3 pages. Proposals should include the objectives, topics to be covered and the full details of all presenters. The method of presentation is at the submitter's discretion; however, the submitter has the responsibility for providing his/her own panel members. All accepted proposals will appear in the conference proceedings.

Important Announcements

  • The number of submissions by an author (including joint authorship) is strictly limited to a maximum of two.
  • At least one author of accepted papers and all panel/tutorial presenters MUST register AND attend the conference.
  • The conference will only accept papers in English with the exception of the Latin American and Caribbean track which will accept papers in Portuguese and Spanish. 
  • Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings in their entirety upon payment of registration fees. Papers accepted and presented at the conference will also be placed in the AIS e-Library. Papers not presented at the conference, for any reason, will not be included in the AIS e-Library.

Supporting Journals

  • Information & Management
  • Data Base for Advances in Information Systems
  • Internet Research
  • Industrial Management & Data Systems
  • Journal of Global Information Management
  • Pacific Asian Journal of the AIS

Guidelines for Presentations

Each regular 90-minute paper session scheduled at Conf-IRM includes 3 paper presentations. Each paper session room is equipped with a Screen, a Data Projector and a Computer running on Microsoft Windows and with PowerPoint pre-installed.

Presentation Guidelines

  • Presenters should come to the room on the break before the session so that the presentation can be loaded to the computer in the room.

  • The time limits for each paper presentation is 20 minutes.

  • Given the time limits presenting authors should have no more than 10 to 12 slides. Slides should have large font sizes. We cannot guarantee that slides, which are prepared in a different format than PowerPoint, will work on the computers available in the rooms.

  • Slides should have a limited amount of large text that stimulates the audience members’ thinking about the research question, the unique aspects of the authors work, the key contributions the research makes, and the most interesting and its most surprising results or implications.

  • A few practice sessions will ensure that the authors make a lively, focused presentation and avoid the stressful experience of rushing from the mid-point of their presentation to the end in the remaining minute or two.

All sessions will begin strictly at the scheduled time!


Poster Presentation Guidelines

  •  We will offer the option of poster presentation for the papers that do not make to the regular sessions

  •  Conf-IRM posters will be displayed during the two coffee breaks.

  • As indicated in your poster acceptance email, please bring a PRINTED HARD COPY of your poster with you to the conference.

  •  POSTER SIZE: A0: 118.9cm * 84.1cm


Session Chair Guidelines

These are the session chair responsibilities:

  • Prior to the start of the presentations, check that the speakers are in the room and that they uploaded their presentations to the computer.

  • When you are ready to start the session, make the audience feel welcome, introduce the session and explain how it will unfold.

  • During the session introduce each speaker, facilitate discussion on Q&A periods and ensure that time limits are strictly adhered to (i.e. timekeeping). Sessions should start on time, with each paper being allowed 30 minutes (20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes for questions and for the transition to the next presenter).

  • Indicate the remaining minutes (5, 1, and 0) for each presentation

  • Finally, call the session to a close and to thank the speakers and the audience.